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Most frequently asked questions


I bought a ticket, which day of the show is it valid for?


One ticket is valid for one day of the show: either Saturday or Sunday - according to your choice. If you want to visit the show on both days, you need to buy two tickets.


Is the program the same for both days?


Yes, the program is intended to be the same on both days, but minor differences between each day's program are possible due to operational limitations of military aircraft over which the organizer has no control of.


Can I bring my own drinking water into the event area?


Yes, absolutely - drinking water may be brought into the event area, but it is forbidden to bring any other  non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, as well as food. Except specialized baby food, that you can bring in.


Will I be able to enter the event area with a folding chair I brought with me?


Yes, you will be allowed to enter the event area with your own folding chairs. If you don't have a chair, we recommend bringing a blanket, which will make it much more comfortable to enjoy the show throughout the day. Leave the grill at home. ;)


Will it be possible to stay overnight in a tent or camper in the parking lot of the event?


No, unfortunately this is not possible in the airport area.

Does a child needs a ticket?

Admission is free for children up to 8 years old (inclusive).


Do I need to print the ticket?

No, the ticket can also be presented on the phone, there is no need to print it.


Will it be possible to buy tickets on the spot and how much will they cost?

Yes, it will be possible to buy tickets on the spot, but note that they will be more expensive on the spot. We recommend buying now.

Can I visit the airshow with a dog?

Yes, we are a dog-friendly event! The main thing is that your dog must be always on a leash, and make sure that your pet is not afraid of loud noises.


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Information if you want to fly in with your own aircraft during Baltic International Airshow 2023.

We can have 40 aircraft (general aviation size) per day visiting the event. 

Slots are booked following rules " first come first served".


Arrival on 04.08 to 05.08 between 08:30 and 10:30 local. 

We can have any airplanes already Friday or earlier for those who want to park and visit the entire Airshow. On Friday you can land until 12:00 local. For those who come Friday or earlier, the aircraft will be parked and not possible to move during the weekend. 


Not possible to depart earlier than the end of the event. (17.30 LT) 

If you need to refuel on Saturday and Sunday, please state the type of fuel and quantity in the form.

Important to know for visiting aircraft:
Pilot + 1 passenger arriving on own aircraft has free of charge entrance to the show. 

Do not forget to purchase online tickets for your additional passengers. 

Expect to park the aircraft on grass. 
Aircraft will be fenced and not accessible during the event,  however, you are required to be next to your airplane  from 13:00 to 14:00. Crowd will be given access to the planes and you are welcome to engage with the public, giving explanations about your aircraft

The Organisation declines any responsibility over possible damages to your aircraft incurred throughout the length of the event. 

No overnight at the aircraft is allowed, we refer to other accommodations.

Registration form:

FLY - IN BIA - Google Forms

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