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All latest information will be here! Stay tuned!


BIA_2023_program_V1 copy.jpg
BIA_2023_participnts_ANBO copy.jpg
BIA_2023_participnts_AB copy.jpg


- Fighter F16 Dream Viper Demo Team from the Belgian Air Force
- Fighter Saab JAS39 GRIPEN of the Czech Air Force
- Flying Bulls The Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 105C aerobatic helicopter from Austria         (together with Red Bull Latvia) 
- Red Bull athlete Łukasz Czepiela with a Carbon Cub aircraft from Poland
- Legendary formation flight team from Lithuania - ANBO with 3 YAK-50 aircraft
- Stunt Trick – Ducati Panigale with Lithuanian Cub
- 2x Pelegrin Tarragon ultra light planes in formation
- SAR helicopter W-3A SOKOL from the Czech Air Force
- Aviation superstar Jurgis Kairys from Lithuania with SU-31
- Tarragon Ultralight vs Tesla Model S Plaid – Race!
- Surprise guest fly-by (ONLY SATURDAY)
- airBaltic Pilot Academy Diamond Team (DA 40 NG and DA 42)
- The legendary Douglas DC-3 from Finland
- Silver Douglas DC-3 from Sweden (also in formation with another DC-3)
- Ukrainian Trike Demo
- Light fighter Aero L-159 ALCA from the Czech Air Force (static)
- Latvian State Border Guard helicopter AGUSTA (static)

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